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Running Knee Pain

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I’m training for my first marathon this year and have started to experience some knee problems with my increased training volume. The pain is on the inside of my right knee, which becomes very tender and swollen after running. The therapists I have seen told me it was Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and gave me mini-squat exercises and some stretches to strengthen the inside of my thigh, but they only seem to make it worse.

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Is CrossFit good for you?


Unfortunately some critics say that CrossFit is the cause of many injuries and, ultimately, is dangerous. There is no evidence to support this mistaken belief. Injuries can happen anywhere, while playing any sport, and at any fitness level. Injuries are caused by poor technique, muscular imbalance, overuse, lack of recovery and poor coaching, all of which are NOT the fault of CrossFit as a sport.

With any sport, or in any aspect of life, it is important to progress safely and slowly. Stay healthy when doing CrossFit with these three easy steps:

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Top 3 Golf Injuries

Top 3 Most Common Golf Injuries

Hip and Lower back pain is one of the most common and debilitating injuries in the game of golf and can affect anyone from the recreational to professional level. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a commonly overlooked source of lower back problems. It can imitate symptoms of other common back injuries, or be a contributing factor to other spinal or extremity issues.

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Soccer Ankle Sprain

Ask A Pro, Get Answers

The latest Ask A Pro question comes from Mike who is suffering chronic ankle sprains from playing soccer. He's tried everything but nothing seems to be working.


We are heading into soccer season and I’ve been prone to spraining my right ankle at least once every couple of months. I’ve done the regular rehabilitation such as rest, ice, and compression to heal the ankle, but it always seems to sprain again a month or so later. Whenever I feel like my ankle is going to roll, the front side of my right hip also seems to be really stiff. It even seems like if I were to step on a small rock, my ankle will roll. Are my ankles really weak because I’ve sprained it so many times? Is there a relation between the stiffness in my hip and the weakness of my ankle?

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