COVID 19 Pandemic Preparedness Plan

Pandemic Preparedness Plan


  • Working with building management and staff to isolate high risk/touch areas and mitigate the risk with periodic surface cleaning
  • Identify critical supplies and suppliers (toilet paper, paper towel, trash liners, hand wash/sanitizer, disinfectant spray, vinyl pillows, plexiglass dividers, linens/ pillow cases, gloves, face masks disposable and reusable with PM2.5 filters)
  • ics clean - trash liners, hand wash/sanitizer, disinfectant spray, disposable triple layer surgical masks
  • Wesclean - Paper supplies
  • Swish - trash liners, hand wash/sanitizer, disinfectant spray
  • Vitality Depot - vinyl pillows, other clinic supplies
  • - towels, pillow cases, PM 2.5 filters for masks
  • Plus Guardian Canada - Reusable face masks and PM 2.5 filters
  • Universal Progress industries - Disposable gloves
  • Kinemedics, Medelco for clinic supplies
  • Train Evolution Sport Therapy staff and therapists on usage of Pandemic Kit that includes but not limited to:
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • Isopropyl Alcohol dilution for spray bottles
  • Disposable disinfectant wipes
  • disposable Nitrate gloves
  • N95 masks, disposable triple layer surgical masks, reusable masks with disposable PM 2.5 filters
  • Cleaning/Janitorial chemical supplies ( Alcohol based viruscide, Quaternary ammonium chloride based cleaners)
  • Plastic lining barriers to mitigate high touch areas.
  • Increased minimum level of inventory and keep track of critical supplies inventory.


  • Pre screening patients before arriving for appointment with questionnaires online or over telephone.
  • Physical screening all staff arriving for work daily with contactless temperature testing and symptom reporting.
  • PPE for all staff and therapists ( Reusable masks with PM 2.5 filters and nitrate disposable gloves)
  • All patients to wear masks during treatment. If they did not bring one, clinic will supply a disposable mask at $2 charge.
  • Plexiglass barrier at front desk
  • Therapists to surface clean and disinfect the treatment room in between each patient.
  • Daily clinic closure for 30 minutes where all staff partake in a disinfecting surface clean checklist.
  • Patient flow management to ensure physical distancing
  • No patients in waiting room
  • Patients escorted into clinic only after previous patients have exited the office
  • Upon entry, immediate usage of hand sanitizing station
  • Prepayment area in designated spaces that are 6 ft apart
  • Patient escorted to treatment area and exit post treatment
  • Rebooking to take place online or over telephone.
  • No usage of shared workout equipment
  • No usage of heating packs
  • Vinyl Pillows that are cleaned and disinfected after every treatment and covered with a clean towel
  • All clean linens and towels to be stored centrally to avoid contamination
  • No usage of cupping, fascial abrasion tools
  • Usage of the Shockwave and Ultrasound machine will have disposable plastic barriers over the treatment head.
  • No usage of electro modalities

Evolution Sport Therapy reserves the right to change our pandemic preparedness plan according to local public health guidelines as conditions evolve.